Step One: Watch The Masterclass

We will cover the 8 common mistakes you will be facing when trying to scale and build a $100k/month coaching or consulting business.

After this short training, you will get “immediate” clarity & proven solutions to:

Protocol #1: Systemize & automate your business from ONE-TO-ONE to SELLING ONE-TO-MANY.

Protocol #2: Know your ideal Sales Process, Systems, Hiring, Management, and Operations.

Protocol #3: Identify the MONEY MATHS to build, scale, and sustain a $100k/mo coaching or consulting business over any periods of time.

*Viral Sales Method Playbook: Click here to get access to our Viral Sales Method Implementation Playbook Completely Complementary.

The exact “Viral Sales” process (that we’ve used to grow over 5,254,326 followers, Sign 2,148 Clients & Collect $104,347,540 In Cash (for Ourselves & Clients): HERE

*NOTE: Finishing the training above is REQUIRED before booking, as Laura and her team will be asking you SPECIFIC questions about

this training. If you do not watch this training completely, we will politely cancel the call and you will not able to book again.

How Can You Be Certain This Works?

Here Are Some Of The Results From The Last 12 Months...

Step Two: Apply Now To See If You Qualify

If You’re Stuck Under $30k/Month Right Now And Want To Scale

To $100k/Month In The Next 90 Days…


What Happens When You Partner With Us?

Here's What B2B Consultants & Professional Coaches Like Yourself Have To Say About Partnering With Viral Growth Media

About Laura Egocheaga

Laura has successfully helped her clients to collectively earn over $100+ Million online by leveraging customer acquisition & retargeting systems, in just the last 3 years alone. She specializes in helping badass coaches and consultants that provide truly transformational results for their clients. When she’s not helping businesses grow, she loves taking her boat out with family and clients. She also loves focusing on breathwork to stay at the top of her game.

How The Viral Growth Media Partnership Model Works:

You see, what we do is simple.

A. We Help You Build A Scalable Impact Leverage Model Inside Your Business.

B. We Install Our Client Attraction Machine To Generate 5-100+ Qualified Leads Per Day

C. ​We Help You With Client Success And Retention.

D. We Take A % Of Top Line Revenue And Eventually Once $10M/yr Is Hit We Get A Small Percentage Of Phantom Equity.

For Example, instead of us just managing your paid traffic like, facebook or google ads...

We help you build out the entire client acquisition and operations infrastructure inside your business.

That includes: Funnel, Creatives, Copy, Management, Email Flow, SMS Flow and Back End Sales Process and more... (see build out below)

We are completely different than any other solution in the market place.

We actually care about providing our partners with extraordinary results.

Our goal is to get every consultant or professional coach our of the slavery time trap and help them transition into the scalable impact model.

It's our moral obligation to help experts who provide a positive contribution for society.

If this is NOT you...

Please DO NOT book a call with us.

We ONLY want to work with the 1%ers who are committed to brining their vision to reality.

We NEED your commitment to excellence because we will be helping you reposition your current offer and skillset into an Irresistible Sustainable Scaleable offer so that you become the best or ONLY option in the marketplace and can confidently charge $15k-$100k+ up front and even get rev share on top of it.

Statistically we've found that after working with us clients on average increase their business by 3.7X in revenue growth and enterprise value from our 1-on-1 onboarding call with Laura alone.

So over doubling their profit.

We'll install our proven partner acquisition system inside your business in the first 30 days and help you sign your first deal.

We're going to give you the exact scripts and internal systems we use to book over 200+ appointments from cold traffic each month so you can put appointments on your calendar within the first 30 days.

With your new deal flow, offer and our custom growth plans, we make it easy to sell. So even if you hate sales or don't have case studies we've found 57% of new partners sign their first deal within 30 days to partnering.

We can help systematize client results and management.

So... we hear all the time "Clients won't keep paying me $10k/m", "my clients leave after 3 months" or "I don't want to get caught working in my business".

We'll show you how to systematize and delegate everything so you can eventually get all client work off your plate while keeping it at KPI and ensuring all your clients get the results they paid for.

And ultimately wanting to retain and ascend in the backend so we can build a 8 figure business together.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How Does Your Guarantee Work?

Since we are so confident we’ll do what no one else is willing to do - we guarantee Revenue Growth.Meaning you are entitled to a full refund if by the end of the 12 months you haven’t secured at least 1 deal worth $50,000 and you have followed the customized action plan we give you on our onboarding call.

Do I need to be an Expert, Consultant or Professional Coaching Firm owner before I can Partner?

While it can be useful to own an firm before, it is not necessary to have giant firm. With our direct guidance if you’re committed enough you will be able to get started as a Partner without having a team. This means you’ll get the benefit of our team and delegation methodologies before ever brining on your own in house team so you get to skip the learning lessons on how to train, effectively communicate and hold others accountable to a mutually agreed upon outcome.

Will this work for me?

While we have Partners from all over the world, in every niche imaginable the only way to be certain if we can help you is talking with you directly because you and your business are unique.

How much can I make?

After working with 100+ partners we’ve found that the average deal size is $62,386.06 before performance fee with an average increase in monthly revenue per Partner of $16,500 during the first 90 days.

What does VGM do as a Growth Partner?

Growth Partners look at the end to end sales process. Meaning we don't just do Facebook ads, we do offer, funnel, creatives, copy, campaign management, email flow, sms flow and tweak the back end sales process.This way, by increasing each of these by 20% isn't a 20% increase in performance - it's a 200%. Which can be the difference between a profitable campaign and not.In essence, a Growth Partner is someone who’s focused on partnering with CEOs of businesses to help them increase their revenue by delivering on a clear growth plan.

What’s the difference between you and other programs out there?

Our team of professionals who’ve actually grown businesses are going to help you to implement specifics personalised to your business.Other programs focus on more info one-size-fits-all - do it yourself.We focused on helping you build your business, reduce the complexities and focus on building high-profits with enterprise value - done with you.We become your partner that’s financially incentivized by your success.We’re giving you personalized support, daily workshops, our executive team and the assets and frameworks we’ve used to build three 7 & 8 figure businesses over the past 10 years.


*Earnings and income representations made by Laura Egocheaga and their advertisers/sponsors (collectively, "Viral Growth Media") are aspirational statements only of your earnings potential. These results are not typical and results will vary. People that don't work hard to give up easily, get ZERO results. The results on this page are OUR results and from years of testing. We can in NO way guarantee you will get similar results.